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  • During our initial meeting, we will listen to what your needs and requirements are. We want to know how your company operates and what your long term vision is for your business. 

  • We will explain the concepts and requirements of NQA-1 & 10CFR21 Appendix B, ensuring that you understand each section. Before you spend a penny, we want to make sure that this standard is suited for your business.

  • We will update your Quality Manual, Procedures, and Forms to meet the requirements of NQA-1.

     We can Implement the  Nuclear Requirements

     into ISO 9001 Systems.

  • We will help your staff Identify the key processes in the NQA-1 Quality Management System.

  • We will train you're staff to ensure they have a general awareness and are able to maintain the NQA-1 going forward.

  • You will be required to qualify the vendors supplying nuclear materials and services. We can conduct your Supplier Audits and/or train your staff to be an effective 2nd Party Auditor. 

  • Gap Assessment Audit
  • Prepare all Required Documentation
  • Provide NQA-1 Awareness Training 
  • Define Process Controls
  • Implementation 
  • Internal Audit
  • NQA-1 Internal Auditor Training  
  • Prepare for NQA-1 ASME Compliance Audit
  • Pre-Assessment Audit
  • On-going Monitoring Services of Your
  • QMS by Agwey.
  • Management Rep Services
  • Urgent Request Services


The NQA-1 Quality Assurance Standard was created for organizations that supply materials to the Nuclear Industry. It's widely accepted by suppliers throughout the nuclear Industry supply chain, and is now endorsed by the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). NQA-1 Certification provides a high level of confidence to a purchaser that a supplier will have the necessary knowledge and resources to supply items which are in conformance with the NQA-1 Standard. For new suppliers, becoming NQA-1 certified allows them to gain a foot hold into the Nuclear Industry supply chain.

Agwey has over 10 years of experience with helping companies comply with the requirements of the nuclear industry to ASME NQA-1 and 10CFR 50 Appendix B.  We specialize in helping companies implement a quality system that meets the regulatory requirements so that they can compete for contracts in the nuclear industry.





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